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What’s happening this month at Lady Minto Hospital?

Despite the staffing challenges faced both locally and in the healthcare system writ large, the staff at Lady Minto Hospital deserve recognition and thanks for their tireless efforts to continue providing the best care possible to the residents of Salt Spring Island and the southern Gulf Islands in the face of these difficult circumstances. On behalf of the community, Lady Minto Hospital Foundation extends its deep gratitude to our healthcare workers for everything that they do.

Flower planters add a touch of charm amidst the busy Emergency Department construction area adjacent to the hospital’s entrance.

Thanks to recruitment efforts throughout the winter and spring, 17 new nursing hires have started between January and June, and a new physician will join the team in July. As noted by Site Director Erin Price-Lindstrom in her recent appearance on ASK Salt Spring, the hospital is always hiring, and there is also free training available for those interested in working as a health care aide.

While staffing is an ongoing challenge, Lady Minto Hospital remains open and committed to delivering high-quality healthcare services. As noted by Site Director Erin Price-Lindstrom in her recent appearance on Ask Saltspring, despite the added pressure, our local emergency room wait times are significantly shorter than most other sites. When there are limited physicians available, Island Health works in collaboration with the physicians to adjust available physicians during the daytime hours when the emergency department is busiest.

The Lady Minto Hospital team is also beginning the process of questioning longstanding ways of doing things, seeking to cultivate an integrated site model and a resilient team ready to provide seamless, patient-centered care. Island Health prepares contingency plans, including with partners at BC Emergency Health Services, for when unexpected situations occur.

The Lady Minto Hospital Emergency facility is scheduled to be completed by later this year, with an opening expected by October 2023. Additionally, a Minto Makeover project is underway, with the Lady Minto Hospital Foundation and the Lady Minto Hospital Auxiliary offering their support to add comfort to patient- and family-oriented hospital areas. If you haven’t yet made your gift to help build the Emergency Department, there’s still time—learn more about ways to contribute today.