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Recent News

The Board of the Lady Minto Hospital Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of Eric A.F. Jacobsen as Executive Director.

Eric is a seasoned leader with a proven track record of success in managing multi-disciplinary teams across sectors. With a background in healthcare research and technology development, Eric brings a unique perspective to the foundation that is grounded in evidence-based decision-making, industry best practices, and positive social impact.

Eric has spent his career in change-making positions with a focus on building resilient relationships with diverse stakeholders. From conducting hundreds of hours of interviews with vulnerably housed residents of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside to leading consulting teams for some of the world’s largest sustainable energy companies, he has consistently managed change for organizations, expanding opportunities and impact with a keen eye for feasibility.

“The Foundation is fortunate to have Eric join as our new Executive Director.  His experience and leadership will be invaluable in guiding the Foundation through its ongoing service to the community.”
– Dennis Miller, Board Chair

“What inspires me most about the Executive Director role is the opportunity to collaborate with the board and the wider community on a mission that deeply matters. Along with a depth of leadership and fundraising experience, I bring profound personal gratitude towards Lady Minto Hospital and its amazing staff who have healed and even saved lives in my family. Through these experiences, I have come away with the profound realization that nothing matters more than the health of the people we love and the community that supports us.” – Eric Jacobsen

The Lady Minto Hospital Foundation is our community’s conduit for shared investment in preserving our on-island healthcare. Through strategic major projects, equipment purchases, and professional development, we help secure the future of our on-island hospital.

We recognize that our local hospital is the beating heart of our community: it benefits not just our health and wellbeing, but our local economy as well, making its continued success even more important for the safety and prosperity of our island and its residents now and into the future.