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Lady Minto Hospital is a small, community hospital with round-the-clock available Emergency care. It’s where we go when we’re facing anything from a broken bone to a life-threatening health challenge. It’s our lifeline. However, Salt Spring Island’s population today is many times what it was when the existing Emergency Room opened, and now the space is too cramped – for patient privacy, for the staff and modern equipment needed, for specialized treatment for children, or for best practices in infection control.

The new Emergency Department will be the right size for now and the future – a 420 square metre (4500 sq ft) extension that will double the number of acute and primary care patients who can be treated at one time, with an additional room for mental health and substance use treatment, a room for mixing, dispensing and storing medications, a dedicated triage desk, nursing/team care station with sight lines to all assessment and treatment areas, ambulance bay, decontamination site, accessible washrooms, and expanded patient and family waiting area.

The $10 million total project cost includes everything from constructing and equipping the new Emergency Department wing, to all related infrastructure, site preparation for the future Medical Imaging Department, expansion of the lower parking lot on the hospital’s east side, and landscaping.

The Capital Regional Hospital District has committed to fund 30 percent of the project’s capital cost.

This milestone – a $3,000,000 commitment from government — marks a significant step forward. The Lady Minto Hospital Foundation Endowment Fund will contribute $4 million, and the Foundation will be embarking on a Capital Campaign to raise the remainder of the funds from the community. Island Health has committed to fully funding all the ongoing operating costs of the new Emergency Department.

Schematic Design – the phase that produces a building’s design in all but the final details – is done. We anticipate the first half of 2021 will be devoted to completing the design details, creating the blueprints, and finding the contractor, with construction of the new Emergency Department beginning later in 2021.

We’ll keep you updated on progress here.

Initial Design Concepts

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