ECU Outings

I spent an hour at Moby’s with some feisty Extended Care residents and got a real sense of why they love their outings, and why Jennifer Ritson, Extended Care Unit Activities Coordinator, finds them an important part of her commitment to her family in ECU.

Having worked over 26 years in ECU, Jennifer has developed an authentic rapport with each and every resident she has had the privilege to work alongside. She recalls the first time they had a bus outing almost 10 years ago.

We took four residents out for a drive – a couple of them hadn’t been for a drive in years. It was an amazing experience. Now we are able to take the residents out about every six weeks. We can invite family members and friends for lunch, go on picnics and drives to different parts of the island and the Fall Fair. Residents enjoy the anticipation of planned outings, discussion about where we will go and what we will see. Talking about what to eat is very important. When we come back to the unit, we get to talk about what did happen and what we saw. All these experiences are part of everyday life which many people take for granted.”

The Hospital Foundation is pleased to fund these outings which average about two per month, with the residents taking turns. Jennifer and Dorothy Copeland, Activities Assistant, have their hands full answering to the needs of half a dozen residents per trip but there is a lot of laughter and love around that family table.

Jen Ritson with Margaret Baker at a recent luncheon at Moby’s

ECU Resident Ellen Southam with daughter Carol enjoying fish and chips at Moby’s

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