AED Program

Lady Minto Hospital Foundation spearheads the AED campaign to make Salt Spring Island a heart healthy community

The Lady Minto Hospital Foundation in partnership with Salt Spring Fire/Rescue spearheaded the AED Campaign in January 2012 and to date, there are some 42 AEDs installed on Salt Spring Island.  

If you wish to learn more about AEDs or want to be trained in CPR & AED use, here are the programs available on Salt Spring Island.

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The late Beth Weston was deeply involved in the AED program at Lady Minto Hospital and was for years the certified Red Cross Trainer.  Beth felt passionately about the effectiveness of AEDs and before her passing she spoke with Foundation Chair Derek Fry, about the need for AEDs in our community:

“Ordinary lay people need to know how to use an AED and my quest for training led me to the Lady Minto Hospital Foundation.  As I spoke to Foundation  President Derek Fry, I sensed his frustration with the issues around training.  The Foundation was eager to follow Dr. Barclay’s suggestions and get AEDs into the community but simply hanging them on walls around Salt Spring Island without teaching people how to use them was not going to be effective.  People were afraid of this new addition to CPR.  They were curious but at arm’s length.  I wanted to dispel the myths I had heard about AED units.  I wanted as many people as possible to know how to use an AED and I wanted people to know how effective an AED can be and how it can truly save lives.”

“Over the years in my career as a nurse, I had taught CPR (Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation) to various groups and individuals.  But I knew that even if someone did CPR perfectly, many victims of sudden cardiac arrest did not survive.  It was always very sad to talk to the lay responder whose victim had died.  It was an event that the responder would never forget.    Now we have the AED which is dramatically increasing the success of CPR.”

“At Chicago’s O’Hara Airport, the authorities were concerned about the high incidence of sudden cardiac arrest and resulting deaths.  Only 3 to 5% of those who received timely CPR recovered.  Then they put an AED within reach every 45 seconds throughout the airport.  This means that one cannot walk for more than 45 seconds without passing an AED.  They ran training programs for all levels of staff.  Now more than 60% suffering a sudden cardiac arrest recover.  Some of the events have been carried out by those without AED training proving jut how easy it is to use an AED.”

“How can the residents of Salt Spring Island reduce the deaths from sudden cardiac arrest?   I believe there is a role for everyone in the community to help.  People need to learn what an AED unit looks like and how it is used.  They need to know where the AESs are located.  People need to take action to get more AEDs into the community.  And finally, people need to get the training to feel comfortable using the AED should the need arise.”

What is an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)?

An AED is designed to deliver an electric charge to a subject after the onset of a sudden cardiac arrest.  There is step by step automated voice instructions built into the unit and almost anyone can use an AED.

AED Locations on Salt Spring Island

Rainbow Road Indoor Pool 262 Rainbow RD 250-538-4310
SSI Golf Club 805 Lower Ganges RD 250-537-2121
Royal Vancouver Yacht Club 241 Scott Point RD 250-537-5033
Portlock Park CRD Office 145 Vesuvius Bay RD 250-537-4448
SSI Health Centre 164 Kings Lane 250-537-1828
All Saints by the Sea 110 Park DR 250-537-2171
Farmers Institute 351 Rainbow RD 250-537-4755
Pharmasave Downtown 104 Lower Ganges RD 250-537-5534
Country Grocer 374 Lower Ganges RD 250-537-4144
North End Fitness 102 McPhillips Ave 250-537-5217
ArtSpring 100 Jackson Ave 250-537-2125
Salt Spring Air 3102 Grace Point Squ 250-537-9880
Salt Spring Air 115 Fulford Ganges RD 250-537-9880
Royal Canadian Legion x 2 120 Blain RD 250-537-5822
Maracaibo Estates 220 Maracaibo Lane 250-537-2878
Hayden Dentistry 199 Saltspring Way 250-537-1400
Seniors Services Society 379 Lower Ganges RD 250-537-4604
Brinkworth Estates 135 Brinkworthy RD 250-537-4041
Salt Spring Dental 2201 Grace Point Squ 250-537-1616
SSI Sailing Club 152 Douglas RD 250-537-1533
Meadowbrook Seniors Residence 121 Atkins RD 250-538-1995
Gilf Island Secondary School 232 Rainbow RD 250-537-5723
Salt Spring Public Library 129 McPhillips Ave 250-537-4666
SSI Tennis Centre 805 Lower Ganges RD 250-537-2199
Country Grocer 374 Lower Ganges RD 250-537-4144
Fulford Hall 2591 Fulford Ganges RD 250-653-9579
Our Lady of Grace 135 Drake RD 250-931-0074
Beaver Point Hall 1361 Beaver Point RD 250-354-4255
Wellness Centre 120 Hereford Ave 250-900-1125
United Church 111 Hereford Ave 250-537-5812
Rock Salt 2921 Fulford Ganges RD 250-653-4210
Seaside Restaurant 795 Vesuvius Bay RD 250-538-0350
Fernwood Elementary 150 Ferwood RD 250-537-5723
SSI Middle School 120 Rainbow RD 250-537-5723
SS Elementary School 122 Rainbow RD 250-537-5723
Thrifty Foods 114 Purvis Lane 250-537-1522
Eagle Ridge Clinic 258 Eagle Ridge DR 250-537-1915
Jana’s Bake Shop 315 Upper Ganges RD 778-353-2253
Bulman RD 237 Bulman RD 250-930-4984
Greenwoods Eldercare 133 Blain RD 250-537-5561
Braehaven 137 Blain RD 250-537-5520
Mid Island Co-op 135 Rainbow RD 250-729-8400

How can I help?

Take the training and be ready in an emergency.

Familiarize yourself with all AED locations so that you can  retrieve a unit quickly when needed.

Can using an AED really save a life?

You bet.  Subjects have a 70% survival rate if treated with an AED within 4 minutes.

Can I harm someone by using an AED?

No, there are no reports of any harm or death caused from using an AED.  The AED will only deliver an electric charge to someone in cardiac arrest

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