Movie Event: Romantic Road


In the Fall/Winter 2017 issue of Minto Messenger, we included a short biography of “Lady Minto”. Shortly after the newsletter was published, we received a call from island resident and photographer, Rosemarie Keough with exciting news about Rupert Grey’s film “Romantic Road”. Rosemarie met Rupert at an awards ceremony in England and when she read our article, she connected the dots and realised that Rupert was a descendant of our own hospital’s patron namesake, “Lady Minto”. Rosemarie put us in touch and as a result of this exchange we are very excited to present Rupert’s film, ROMANTIC ROAD here on Salt Spring on September 10th at The Fritz. Rupert will give a lively presentation prior to the screening and there will be a reception to follow.

Following Lady and Lord Minto’s posting in Canada, Lord Minto was appointed Viceroy and Governor-General of India, and Lady Minto became Vicereine. In India, as in Canada, Lady Minto had a great influence on health care, at least for the Raj. She founded the “Lady Minto’s Indian Nursing Association” to carry on the work of earlier organization to select and arrange transportation logistics for trained female nurses and midwives from England to come to India to minister to European patients. What serendipity that the film “Romantic Road” is about Rupert and Jan Grey’s return to India.

About Rupert and Jan Grey

Rupert has balanced life in the law courts with long periods in the wild places of the earth.

As a lawyer he has represented and fought libel actions for and against, national papers, politicians, celebrities, photographers, authors, galleries, publishers, bankers and explorers. As an outdoorsman and photographer he has travelled on foot, by boat, dog sledge, camel, elephant and vintage Rolls Royce in many different countries, including Papa New Guinea, Alaska, the South Pacific and the Orient. He is usually accompanied by his wife Jan and 3 daughters. Rupert serves on the board of a number of front-line charities in the fields of performing arts, education, photography and conservation. His photographs have been exhibited in several countries and his articles have been widely published.

Now with Swan Turton, Rupert is one of the leading solicitors in copyright law in photographs.

Jan grew up on a farm on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors which has endowed her with an enduring love of the natural world. She qualified as a social worker in the early ‘ 70s and has worked with offenders, families, the elderly, the dying, the bereaved. She is now a part-time bereavement counsellor. Before she married Rupert, in 1977, she undertook many journeys in Europe and the British Isles; since sharing their lives together she, with three amazing daughters, has been extraordinarily fortunate to visit many wonderful, if sometimes shocking, remoter parts of our planet.