Defining a




It is important to the Foundation to recognize donors and we often hear questions about how our donor recognition programs works.

Here are the key features to our program:

Donors may request to remain anonymous in which case their name will not appear on our recognition wall or in our published annual report.  They will be included as one of the “anonymous” donors for that particular category of gift.  At any time the donor may change the anonymous status and request that their name be listed.  Please call the office if you would like to make this change.

Our recognition wall displays annual gifts starting at the $250 level.  This is a cumulative list for that particular year.  It is updated each year and represents donations received in the previous fiscal year ending March 31st.  We update the panels at the time of our A.G.M. in September.

Our “Friends of Lady Minto” perpetual gifts panel displays gifts starting at the $5,000 level.  This is a cumulative and perpetual list and is updated each year at the time of our A.G.M. in September.  The list is based on the fiscal year end of March 31st.   Donors will be listed in their specific category and this will change on the panel when they reach the next level.

Here is a list of our donor categories:

  • Donor – up to $249
  • Supporter – $250 – $999
  • Patron – $1,000 – $4,999
  • Benefactor – $5,000 – $9,999
  • President’s Circle – $10,000 – $24,999
  • Building Partner – $25,000 – $99,000
  • Founder – $100,000+

Our recognition wall includes a panel of memorial names which is updated twice a year.  Gifts received in memory of a loved one are acknowledged and the memorial name is added to the panel in the year that the gift is received.  This date does not necessarily reflect the date of passing.

We also list all estate donations under “bequests”.  This panel is update annually.

Our Annual Report is published in September each year following our Annual General Meeting.  It is mailed out to donors who have contributed to the Foundation over the past two fiscal years.

The report includes the Annual Donor list, the Friends of Lady Minto list, the memorial names list and the bequests list.

Note: If you are checking the panels and do not see your name, please contact us.  Often this is a timing issue to do with fiscal year end and names will be displayed when the panels are next updated.  We always appreciate your calls and want to ensure that recognition is accurate and timely.

We also encourage donors to contact us if they have questions regarding recognition or wish to be recognized differently.